Inclusive Futures

Sense International is proud to be a part of the Inclusive Futures initiative, a six-year disability-inclusive project funded by the UK Government through ‘UK Aid’. Inclusive Futures brings together 16 international development organisations to work together towards a world where everyone with a disability has the same opportunity for education, access to quality health care, and can claim their right to decent work through informal and formal employment.

Sense International provides expertise to ensure the rights of people with deafblindness and other complex disabilities are realised through the work of the consortium. Together with partners, Sense International is working on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), inclusive education and vocational training and employment projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal and Bangladesh.

As part of the Inclusive Futures consortium, Sense International is involved in the following projects:

In Kenya:

  • ‘InBusiness’ – Disability Inclusive Business: Linking micro and small business owned by People with Disabilities to established commercial enterprises
  • Promoting Inclusive Early Childhood Development Education

In Tanzania:

  • Pre-Primary and Primary Inclusive Education

In Nepal:

  • Strengthening inclusive education systems and support at all levels of early childhood development
  • Enhancing inclusive sexual and reproductive health and rights and livelihood opportunities of young people with disabilities

In Bangladesh:

  • Disability inclusive vocational training and youth employment 

Two man standing next to each other holding pineapplesKorir, a young man with sensory impairments, and his father have been supported through the Inclusive Futures ‘In Business’ project in Kenya. Through this project, Korir and his father are being supported to grow their pineapple cultivation micro-enterprise through training, on-going business mentorship and creating stronger linkages with established commercial enterprises. The project empowers people with disabilities in Kenya to engage in the labour market and to earn a living.

The Inclusive Futures consortium: ADD International | BBC Media Action | Benetech | BRAC Development Initiatives | Humanity & Inclusion | Inclusion International | The Institute of Development Studies | International Disability Alliance | Leonard Cheshire | Light for the World | Sense International | Sightsavers | Social Development Direct | Standard Chartered | Youth Career Initiative


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First published: Thursday 30 April 2020
Last updated: Wednesday 29 July 2020