Our work

Sense International is a leading global charity supporting people with deafblindness in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, NepalPeru, RomaniaTanzania and Uganda.

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A young boy with an older woman outside with vegetables

Children with deafblindness in these countries desperately need to receive education and healthcare. Without this, many will lead short, lonely lives.

Although Sense International is a fairly small charity, we have a big impact. For over 20 years we have been working in partnership with local organisations to provide expert support and services to people with deafblindness.

We demonstrate to governments that people with deafblindness are worth investing in. And we put support in place so that we can walk away and leave solid expertise behind.

With this support, children with deafblindness can finally receive the medical and educational support they need. They can learn to communicate, to develop self-care skills, receive an education and perhaps find a job. Rather than being excluded they can thrive and live as valued human beings.

How we make a difference

A young girl wearing a blue dress sitting outside on a matFinding the children that need help

We strive to identify children with deafblindness as early as possible so that they can receive vital assessments and support from medical and education professionals – which will give them the best chance in life.

Education and health

Sense International works closely with governments to develop suitable school and home-based education, offers training for teachers and supports families to play their part.

Work and belonging

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We provide vocational training so that people with deafblindness can work and participate in their communities - for example, by helping to bring in the harvest or starting a small business.

Backing local people

We work to strengthen local organisations and groups – everything from parent groups to disability organisations and governments - so that they can provide the right support for people with deafblindness.

Campaigning for change

Sense International and its partners lobby governments to recognise the unique challenges faced by people with deafblindness and to provide health, education and care services.

Keeping people safe 

We understand safeguarding to be about ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone with whom we work, and we take our responsibility to keep people safe seriously. Read our Safeguarding Statement and learn more about safeguarding at Sense International, including what to do if you have a concern.

First published: Wednesday 19 June 2013
Last updated: Wednesday 12 June 2019