Our impact


We are a small charity with a big impact because of the way we work.

Partnership is central to what we do – partnership with people with deafblindness, their families, communities, health and education professionals, organisations of people with disabilities, and governments.

We work directly with local people and local organisations to find and share knowledge, skills, and expertise. This way, vital support can continue into the future in a sustainable way. 

For the children, young people and families that we support, our work has a life-changing impact.


"Meeting the team at Sense International Kenya was the turning point for the family. They gave us a new hope and purpose for our baby."

- Tabby, mother of Sospeter

Early intervention

Early intervention

81,167 children

around the world were screened for sight and hearing impairments last year.

Inclusive education

Inclusive education

3,876 children

with deafblindness received specialist educational support at home or in school last year.

Vocational training

Vocational training

1,121 young people

with deafblindness gained vocational skills to find work or establish a livelihood last year.

Rubella vaccination

Rubella vaccination

18million children

have received a rubella vaccination following our work with the Government of Uganda to initiate a rubella vaccination campaign.

Deafblindness training

Deafblindness training

9,153 people

were trained on deafblindness last year, including government officials, community leaders, education professionals and health professionals.

Impact Report

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