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Training parents of a child with deafblindness in Nairobi

20 December 2013

Thanks to a donation from Minerva, we've been able to set up a training course for parents of children with deafblindness in Kenya. The course is being held on seven Saturdays at Kilimani School in Nairobi.

The first session took place on Saturday 16 November 2013. The day started with an overview of the causes of deafblindness.

"I have learnt how to communicate with my son using hands. Now that I have learnt his name sign, as I talk to him I will be signing to him using the signs I have learnt today like 'good morning Mike, Bye Bye'. This has been wonderful" - Mother of Michael, a child with deafblindness

Parents were introduced to the sign language alphabet and some useful vocabulary (such as hello, thank you, please, sorry, yes, no, goodbye, wait).

They also learnt about hand-on-hand sign language, which is used with students who are totally deaf and blind.

Participants were then given a taste of what it is like to have no sight. They were blindfolded and dragged outside, where they were "abandoned" without any communication.

A parent walking outside wearing a blindfold during the trainingBack in the classroom, the discussion centred on how they had felt (this included being frightened and confused) and how this helped them understand the challenges their children face.

Sense International would like to thank Minerva for making this training possible.


First published: Tuesday 18 June 2013
Last updated: Friday 6 December 2019