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SI Romania launches new vocational services

25 October 2013

A woman and a girl zip lining at the ArtEd camp in Durau

Sense International (Romania) is excited to have begun a new journey, developing a new range of vocational services for deafblind / multi-sensory impaired children and young people.

Responding to concerns from parents and teachers about the future of their children once they have left the formal education system, Sense International has initiated a vocational programme called 'A Sense for Life' in three major cities in Romania: Bucharest, Galati and Iași.

With financial support from Orange Foundation, we have developed strategic partnerships with local authorities, looking to increase the chances of an independent life and social integration for deafblind / multi-sensory impaired young people in Romania.

After the official launch of a mini-typography project, through which young people could learn about digital printing, in Bucharest in May 2013, two more vocational centres were opened in October.

Young deafblind people in the marzipan molding laboratory

On October 8, deafblind / multi-sensory impaired young people, their families, local authorities, and teachers gathered to celebrate the launch of a new opportunity for pupils at the Paul Popescu Neveanu vocational special school  in Galati. From this school year, a group of young deafblind people can learn and practise horticulture skills in their "Little gardener" greenhouse.

"It is an opportunity for them to learn a trade for a better future", says Dumitru Balasa, the father of one young man particularly eager to learn all the tricks of the trade. With the support of the local partners, Galati County Council and Galati School Inspectorate, we hope this greenhouse will be a perfect environment for deafblind young people to learn the new skills and go on to find work in the field of horticulture.

Ten days later, a third vocational centre was launched in Iasi – a marzipan molding laboratory. Developed in partnership with the Vasile Pavelcu vocational special school in Iasi, the laboratory will give deafblind / multi-sensory impaired young students the practical skills of molding marzipan and decorating cakes. What a wonderful opportunity for students to learn such delicious new skills – but also increase their chances of finding a job once they graduate!

The event was attended by deafblind / multi-sensory impaired young people, their families, teachers and local authorities, who are partners in the project.

"What happens today is a unique chance for young adults with deafblindness to learn and practice new skills in a safe environment, which will increase their self-esteem as well as pave the way towards they future emplyment", says Carmen Gavrilă, Iasi General School Inspector.

The group of young deafblind people in the "Little gardener" greenhouse

The Sense for Life project hopes to support deafblind / multi-sensory impaired young people to learn a trade that will ensure their professional and social integration upon graduation.

The children and young people had the opportunity to meet each other in September, spending three wonderful days at ArtEd camp in Durău, a mountain resort in the eastern part of Romania.

Accompanied by teachers, parents and even grandparents, they breathed the fresh air of the Ceahlău mountains and had unique and memorable experiences: from high-wire crossing to wall climbing and from trips to games and dances. It was an unforgetable and unique experience for all of them, most of them being away from home for the first time in their lives.


First published: Tuesday 18 June 2013
Last updated: Friday 6 December 2019