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Sense International Romania early intervention training course for multi sensory impairment

11 October 2012

"It is my strong belief that the early intervention programme changed Rareș' life. Unlike any other types of therapy he went through, early intervention happened smoothly, without him feeling any pressure to do anything, but rather to do everything by playing. Early intervention works wonders. When you think there are so many other kids in need of early intervention who could benefit a lot from stimulation at an early age....They need to be supported, the same way Rareș was. We thank you."

These were the strong and emotional words of advice and thanks by Diana Cozma, the mother of Rareș, a deafblind little boy aged 3 who participated in the first ever Sense International Romania - SI(R) - early intervention training course for deafblind multi sensory impairment.

Taking place in July 2012 at Băile Felix in Oradea and using the expertise of Romanian national trainers, it brought together 27 participants: specialists in early intervention, physiotherapists, special education teachers, representatives of local authorities, maternity units - and most important of all deafblind children and their families.

The course provided new theoretical information, to learn the various aspects and limitations of early intervention cases, to become familiar with different assessment tools and last, but not least, to grow as a professional.

According to Cristiana Salomie, Head of Sense International (Romania): "As well as being the first ever training programme, this course's greatest achievement was the input of and feedback of the deafblind families, sharing from their own life experience, as the best experts when it comes to their own children. Plus it was hugely important as it builds on the professional learning expertise we're sharing and cascading to others across the country to help us identify greater numbers of deafblind children and support them at the very earliest stage."

The first months and years of a child's life are critical for a child's development. By picking up the condition at the earliest possible stage, the support that baby and their family need in order for them to develop communication, mobility and social skills in the pre-school years is both identified and can be made available, Importantly the identification happens with the parents. Their baby's assessment is explained to them and they understand how important they are in helping their baby develop cognitive and communication skills – ensuring that teaching happens in the home as well as in health, social care or education settings.

The four trainers of the course were Gabriela Jianu (coordinator of the early intervention programme in Timișoara), Mihaela Moldovan and Eva Oprea (early intervention specialists from Oradea) and Zoltan Pasztai, physiotherapist and university professor at the Oradea University.

While Gabriela, Mihaela and Eva are SI(R) national trainers in the field of deafblindness and have been involved in many courses organised by SI(R), this was our first collaboration with Prof. Pasztai, one of the most famous specialists in the field in Romania. He has an extensive experience in working with deafblind/MSI babies and has shared with the group valuable information through case studies.


First published: Tuesday 18 June 2013
Last updated: Friday 6 December 2019