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Sense International mentioned in House of Lords debate

29 November 2012

On 22 November Baroness Nicholson led a debate in the House of Lords, on the MDGs (the Millennium Development Goals) and what needs to be included in the new framework to replace them.

Lord Browne of Ladyton spoke about the need for disability to be included in the new framework and he mentioned the work of Sense International, as an example of what can be achieved in employment, saying." I know that charities, such as Sense International, which supported me in my preparation for this debate and supports work placements for disabled people in countries across the world, are doing great work in this regard, but much more needs to be done".

Lord of Low of Dalston and Lord Crisp also spoke about disability and the need for it to be included in the replacement for the MDGs. In the summing up of the debate both Baroness Nicholson and the government Minister in the Lords, Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, included the issues raised by Lord Browne and Lord Low. Lord Ahmad said "Disability issues need to be central to any development goals and we shall be looking to raise them".

Sense International and other organisations working in disability and development will be following up on this, continuing to raise the issue of the need for disability to be included in the new framework to replace the MDGs.

Background information

In 2000 the UN (United Nations) set the eight MDGs (Millennium Development Goals), with the aim of eradicating extreme poverty by 2015. The goals include areas of life such as Universal Primary Education, Maternal Health and Child Health. There has been considerable discussion about how successful the goals have been but there is no doubt that they have focussed the attention of the world and resources on important issues. However, there is no mention of disability in any of the MDGs or the indicators that are used to measure the success of each goal. At the moment the UN is leading a discussion and consultation about what should replace the MDGs when they expire in 2015.

First published: Tuesday 18 June 2013
Last updated: Friday 6 December 2019