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Sense International celebrates 15 years in Romania

9 February 2016

We are celebrating 15 years in Romania, successfully developing programmes benefiting people with deafblindness, especially children.

Our work has followed four major directions: health (early intervention for newborn babies with sensory impairments), education (educational services for pupils with deafblindness and multisensory impairments), social inclusion (vocational services for young people with deafblindness) and promoting the rights of people who are deafblind.

An online event on Facebook has been created to share photos, thoughts, impressions and memories from these 15 years.

Successses from the past 15 years:

  • 90,000 babies screened for hearing ability
  • 15,000 children tested for visual ability
  • 200 teachers trained in deafblindness
  • 190 babies with deafblindness supported
  • 500 children with deafblindness supported in schools
  • 80 deafblind young people learning a trade
  • 15 special schools supported
  • 7 vocational centres opened
  • 4 early intervention support centres opened
  • 10 national trainers in deafblindness
  • 2 laws for children with deafblindness approved by the Ministry of Education

First published: Tuesday 18 June 2013
Last updated: Friday 6 December 2019