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Providing early intervention services for infants with sensory impairments in Kenya

18 May 2017

a trained specialist is testing a young child's hearing whlist his mother is cradling him

The project is piloting the first ever sensory screening and Early Intervention programme for children aged 0-3 years in Kenya — funded by the British public, the UK and Jersey governments. This three-year programme is being implemented in partnership with one hospital and three health centres. It aims to screen 75,000 infants for congenital anomalies and provide vital Early Intervention services to 160 children found to have multi-sensory impairment within their communities.

So far, four Early Intervention units have been created and 83 health workers and community volunteers have been trained to deliver the sensory screening and early intervention services. To date, 1,650 babies have been screened with four already receiving specialized early intervention services following detection of anomalies during the testing process. Christina Moraa’s son Simon was one of the first children to be tested.

Christina said:

“I never suspected that my son had a problem with his hearing. Thankfully the screening was provided for free, and they have promised support for my child’s assessment and treatment.”

Stakeholders from Ministries of Health, DFID Kenya, UNICEF attending the Early Intervention launch event

Key stakeholders from the Ministries of Health, FCDO Kenya, UNICEF, and other partners attended the programme launch event. The media’s presence helped to raise the visibility of the project and awareness of the screening and Early Intervention services available. Kenya Television Network (KTN) featured the project launch during its 7pm news bulletin on 29 March and Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) also featured the programme on TV in its series 'Abled Differently' (Season 15 Episode 5) on 8 April 2017.

a group of stakeholders smiling during the early intervention launch event

You can watch Abled Differently featuring the Early Intervention programme and launch event.

First published: Tuesday 18 June 2013
Last updated: Friday 6 December 2019