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Developing communicator-guide services in Peru

25 June 2014

People communicating with

Sense International (Peru) is driving the introduction of communicator-guide services in Peru.

It has just launched a six month long course, supported by the Deafblind People Association of Peru (ASOCIP) and held at the National Library of Peru in Lima.

This follows the passing in 2010 of a Peruvian law which recognises deafblindness as a unique disability, and makes provisions for the care of deafblind people, the result of lobbying of the Government by Sense International (Peru).

A communicator-guide using tactile sign language to talk to a man

The communicator-guide course will be taught by a deafblind person, a deaf person and an official interpreter from the Peruvian Parliament.

The course will help put the law into practice by training up to thirty communicator-guides to support deafblind people, improving their independence and quality of life.


First published: Tuesday 18 June 2013
Last updated: Friday 6 December 2019