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Celebrating Helen Keller's life

21 July 2017

On Tuesday 27 June, Sense International offices around the world marked Helen Keller’s birthday with a wide range of events. Three of our country teams provide a round-up of the special activities undertaken to celebrate Helen Keller’s life and raise awareness about deafblindness.


photo exhibition with braille above of the photos

On 27 June, the Deafblindness in Pictures photo exhibition was held at the principal auditorium of the Ombudsman’s Office, Lima. Each of the photographs presented in the exhibition built on the idea that inclusion for people with deafblindness is possible where educational, employment and social opportunities are adequately adjusted to meet their needs. With over 60 attendees, the event encouraged awareness of and engagement with SI Peru’s work.

“We will work together for the inclusion of disabled and deafblind people in our society. That is our role and we are happy to contribute to Sense International’s work to achieve this goal.” - José Elice, First Deputy, Ombudsman


Romanian singer Calin Goia has his eyes covered whilst discovering what life is like with deafblindbess

After visiting 12 towns over three months, Sense International Romania held the final Sensabilitate Caravan in Bucharest on 27 June. In helping members of the public to experience deafblindness through the Sensory Tent, over 1,000 signatures were gathered to press the Government to support people with deafblindness in accessing their fundamental rights better.

SI Romania’s awareness-raising campaign was further enhanced through the launch of a video featuring famous Romanian singer, Călin Goia. Using a fun and engaging ‘game’ format, Călin’s  documented discovery of what life with deafblindness is like has been broadcast across national television channels.

“Imagine living like this your whole life, not just a few hours like in my game. I entered a world that was overwhelming. The strength of people with deafblindness is to be admired.” - Călin Goia


A wide goup of people celebrating inclusion of people with deafblindness in India law in Ahmedabad

Recognising the indomitable spirit of Helen Keller, Sense International India and over 150 participants (including people with disabilities) came together in Ahmedabad to celebrate the historic inclusion of the rights of people with deafblindness under Indian Law for the first time in December 2016. The Messengers on Cycles event saw cyclists pedal 12kms to spread awareness about deafblindness and show support to over 77,000 people with deafblindness in 22 Indian states.

This year’s cycle event also included innovative games for children and adults, including blindfolded football, blindfolded basketball, and Bollywood Zumba! At the end of the day, two professional physiotherapists with deafblindness helped the cyclists to cool off by leading them in simple stretches and exercises. This further reinforced the message that, given the right opportunity, every person with deafblindness can be an equal, contributing member of society.

First published: Tuesday 18 June 2013
Last updated: Friday 6 December 2019