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Bangladesh deafblind Moods and Images exhibition

23 April 2012

An exhibition demonstrating the positive and productive aspects of deafblindness in Bangladesh has been enthusiastically received, leading to calls for other similar events to be staged to raise awareness.

The photography exhibition, Varied Moods and Images of Deafblind Persons in Bangladesh, organised by the National Resource Centre on Deafblindness – run by Sense International's local partner Center for Disabilities Development -CDD, in March 2012 - featured 45 images.

The exhibition's aim was to 'let the pictures talk' about their nine subjects' lives and largely unrecognised abilities as they live in their communities assisted and guided by trained deafblind educators.

As one parent commented: "I had never believed that a child born with such a problem can lead a normal life like other non-disabled children."

Networking and learning

Important to the event was the opportunity for visitors to meet and discuss their experiences of deafblindess or their professional involvement.

As a video documentary supplied additional information, visitors moved around displays of items produced by people with sight and hearing loss or other impairments, and examined a replica day centre and useful aids that support everyday living.

The heads of the 16 organisations that work in partnership with NRC-DB were present and joined parents already involved in the centre's work. They mingled with representatives from international and development organisations, teachers, journalists and photographers.

New parent visitors were able to contribute their views and questions while learning more about the development and challenges of deafblind children and the transforming role of educators.

Awareness and motivation

Several university professors expressed interest in organising similar educational events at their campuses to raise awareness of deafblind issues in the country among students, teachers and the wider public.

One said: "The lack of understanding in this area is hindering us to take the issue forward or to talk about it on important occasions."

Motivated by the exhibition, parents commented that "Nothing is impossible as long as strength of mind and will are there."

First published: Tuesday 18 June 2013
Last updated: Friday 6 December 2019