Finding Grace

A young girl, standing upBetween 10 June and 10 September 2015 the UK Government matched  donations to our ‘Finding Grace’ campaign pound for pound.

This means your gift could help Sense International find and identify twice as many deafblind children and help them build a future.

During the campaign we are aiming to raise £330,000 for the project and then DFID will give us another £330,000! Any additional income raised will be used to provide vital support and services to deafblind children and adults in East Africa.

It's that simple.

Matching your donations with UK aid

How your donation will make a difference

  • £25 will provide tests for five newborn babies in Uganda to identify a sight and hearing impairment
  • £500 will help us to set up a clinic in a maternity unit in a hospital to provide therapy to infants with little or no sight and hearing
  • £5,000 will help us buy equipment to enable a hospital to screen babies for sight and hearing problems