Noorjahan's story

Six-year-old Noorjahan is the eldest of four children and lives in a remote village in Narshingdi in Bangladesh.

Noorjahan wearing glasses and hearing aids and holding a little babyHer father, the only earner in the family, is a day labourer.

When we first found her she could not speak or walk. We gave her three essential things – glasses, hearing aids and a teacher who came to her home to give her the remedial support she needed.

It has taken three years but now Noorjahan helps around the home. She can count numbers, write Bangla and can differentiate between colours. Her speech is still limited but it is getting better every day and in 2012 she joined the other village children in her local government primary school.

First published: Tuesday 19 November 2013
Last updated: Tuesday 20 December 2016