Sense International COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

We know all too well that during times of crisis the most vulnerable members of society, like those with deafblindness, are often the ones most severely affected. The COVID-19 pandemic is confusing and worrying for everyone, but what would you do if you couldn’t see or hear? Who would you turn to for help?

A smiling girl sitting on her mothers lapOur priority is to make sure we are there for people with deafblindness as now more than ever they need to be able to rely on us.

Why we need your help

People with deafblindness depend on close contact with others for daily living and communication and are frequently already living below the poverty line. All the countries in which we operate are currently ‘locked down’, so we are working as fast as we can to adapt our programmes to support people with deafblindness in different ways, while keeping staff safe.

What are our staff doing?

As a priority, our 8 global locations are telephoning families to pass on accessible messages about how to stay safe during this crisis. In some countries, we are adapting programmes to deliver emergency food and hygiene packages to people with deafblindness. Though some governments are trying to help with food distribution, in Uganda, India and Peru our staff told us that people with deafblindness are not getting anything. In these cases, our beneficiaries only have us to turn to.

How you can help

In order to fund our global work, we rely heavily on voluntary income from fundraising and events as well as our UK Sense International charity shops. But all events have been cancelled or postponed and all our shops have shut. This means a large reduction in income. The UK Government has announced help for charities however, Sense International is not eligible for any of this support.

Join forces with us to make sure we are there for people with deafblindness around the world – your support will be a lifeline.

Please give an urgent gift today to help people with deafblindness during the coronavirus crisis.