Employee fundraising

Fundraising as a team, working together towards a common goal, is a great way to boost staff morale.

Our Corporate Partnerships team has the experience and expertise to run successful partnerships based on staff involvement.

"The communication barriers are immense. But we can break through and once this first hurdle is breached, the effects are life-changing for both child and parents."
Richard Cooper of Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia Chairman's Trust, a Sense International supporter who has seen our vital work first-hand.

We can work with you to develop a tailored calendar of fundraising events - and help communicate the partnership aims and achievements to your staff.

We have a wide range of fun and innovative fundraising ideas. These give staff the chance to really get involved in our partnership – regardless of their level of fitness, where they work, or the amount of time they can give.

First published: Friday 23 August 2013
Last updated: Tuesday 20 December 2016