Christmas appeal

Will you help give a child like Lee a Christmas gift to remember?

Lee sitting on his mother's lap with her arms around himWith your help we can give the gift of communication to more deafblind children like Lee this Christmas.

Lee was born in Waithaka, one of Nairobi's worst slums. His family's small shack provided only the most basic shelter. There was no running water, no toilet and without electricity, light came from a paraffin lamp.

When Lee was just a year old, his mother Lucy noticed that his speech was not developing and he could not sit up by himself. Lee spent long hours lying silently on a mat. Lucy didn't know how to communicate with her son and felt completely overwhelmed.

But everything changed when Lee was referred to a clinic supported by Sense International. Through regular therapy sessions, Lee became more alert and Lucy feels communication is developing between them day by day. She no longer feels so alone.

"Taking Lee to the clinic and knowing that I am not the only one with a deafblind child is in itself a source of hope to me. It has turned around the hopelessness I felt for so long."
Lucy, Lee's mother

The future is brighter for Lee - but there are many more children that urgently need your help.

Please reach out to a deafblind child today to help them break free from their isolation.

Your gift of £18.75 could pay for three months of a deafblind specialist's time

Your gift of £25 could pay for sensory toys to help a deafblind child like Lee develop and learn

Your gift of £50 could pay for home therapy equipment to help improve the mobility of a deafblind child like Lee