Children's stories

Discover how our work has helped some children and adults with deafblindness and adults around the world lead better and fuller lives. 

Meet Roshan

Adela sitting on the floor in a darkened room watching bright colourful lights swirling about her

Roshan is three-years-old and lives with his parents Manisha and Ajay Bara in Ranchi in India. Read Roshan's story.

Meet Rifat

Rifat is two-years-old and lives in a remote village Baliadhighi, under Gabtoli a sub-district of Bogra in Bangladesh. Read Rifat's story.

Meet Rojina

Rojina is 15-years old and lives in a village called Moira in northern Bangladesh. Read Rojina's story.

Meet Adela

Adela weighed only 850 grams when she was born in Iasi in Romania and had a number of health problems. Read Adela's story.

Meet Rimu

Rimu is a three-year-old girl with deafblindness who lives with her family in Bogra, Bangladesh. Read Rimu's story

Meet Harry

Harry is eight-years-old and lives in Lima, Peru. His family survive on a very small income and in poor overcrowded conditions. Read Harry's story

Meet Jabayer

Jabayer lives in Belabo in Narsingdi, which is a rural area in Bangladesh. He is four years old and lives with his parents and older brother and sister. Read Jabayer's story.

Meet Rohan

When Sense International first met Rohan he was 10-years old and found abandoned on the street in Ahmedabad, India.  Read Rohan's story.

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First published: Friday 12 September 2014
Last updated: Thursday 19 October 2017