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Ioana's story

Ioana with one of her therapists at the early intervention centre

Ioana is three years old. She was born in Oradea, a town in north west Romania where Sense International have been implementing its early intervention programme since 2008. Ioana is an only child and lives with her parents.

Ioana was born with a series of health problems that doctors struggled to diagnose. She seemed unresponsive and doctors confirmed she has little sight or hearing. Her mother Mihaela heard about the Early Intervention Centre from a friend and took Ioana in for an assessment when she was two years old.

Ioana with one of her therapists at the early intervention centre.The first assessment - conducted by the multidisciplinary team - revealed Ioana has communication, cognitive, visual and motor difficulties, despite Michaela taking Ioana to numerous other specialists in the field, using various therapies such as Vojta and Devenyi.

Ioana and her mother visit the Early Intervention Centre on a weekly basis, benefitting from physiotherapy and highly specific sensory stimulation therapies. Mihaela wishes Ioana could attend every day as she sees the huge difference it makes to the life of her child.

Mihaela, Ioana's mother, said:

"Since coming to the Early Intervention Support Centre, I learnt to stop comparing my child to any other child of her age. I leart to enjoy every bit of progress she makes. I see things from a different angle now...".

First published: Friday 7 June 2013
Last updated: Wednesday 20 September 2017