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Brisa's story

Girl massaging a person's back

Brisa is 17 and has been deafblind from birth. 

She attended school near her home in Peru, but was not a confident learner due to her deafblindness. Last year, Brisa was given the opportunity to take part in a massage therapy workshop. Vocational skills workshops of this nature were implemented by Sense International Brisa’s school, to try and open up opportunities for students with deafblindness and multisensory needs.

These vocational workshops are part of the Together We Can! program, run by Sense International and its partners in Peru. For older children and young adults, the chance to develop skills for the workplace and to learn a trade is a vital step towards achieving these aims and transitioning to a more independent life.

The workshop included different techniques and masseuse skills, to promote wellbeing among clients, including relaxation massage and Swedish therapeutic massage. Brisa showed a natural talent for it, and it’s is a career path that Brisa would be capable of following in the future.

Brisa was very shy and often required a lot of encouragement, but has made a big improvement since taking part in the program. Her family have seen a significant change since she took part in vocational training.

“Brisa smiles a lot more, spends time with friends, goes out to the shops and participates more readily in the community!”

 These seemingly small activities are taken for granted in everyday life, but can be very difficult for persons with deafblindness. The course has given her career opportunities and a new found confidence. She is also more optimistic and has a desire to move forward with her life.


First published: Friday 7 June 2013
Last updated: Wednesday 20 September 2017