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Bianca's story

Bianca was born in June 2008 in Pitesti, a rural town 100 km away from Bucharest.

She is the only child of the family and at birth, was diagnosed with a series of health problems including a severe bilateral hearing impairment, congenital cataract and a form of cerebral palsy. Now, she is wearing hearing aids and in 2013, she underwent surgery for her cataracts, but this was unsuccessful.

For the first five years of her life, she lived with her mother and father in their home village, close to Pitesti. Her mother was unemployed, spending all her time with her daughter and taking care of the household, while her father is employed at the local pig farm.

They tried taking Bianca to the village kindergarten, but this was not very useful for her – because of all her health problems, combined with her communication problems, the teacher was unable to work with Bianca properly and give her the education she needed.

At the age of five, both parents decided that Bianca should benefit from an adequate education, tailored to her specific needs. They took her to the Commission for the Assessment of Children with Disabilities, and the specialists there referred her to the Kindergarten for Children with Hearing Impairments in Bucharest.

Bianca in the classroom with her teacherThis kindergarten is one of the first schools where Sense International (Romania) has been implementing its programmes. This is where the first ever class for children who are deafblind was created by SI Romania 13 years ago.

Bianca is now in her third year at this kindergarten, and has begun to thrive. She is developing her communication skills and has made friends with the other children.

Elisabeta Dobre, Bianca's teacher says:

"Bianca is a very intuitive and inquisitive child. Sometimes, she is stubborn and spoiled, but only because she loves doing various activities in class and gets easily bored.

"She is always in need for new and interesting things to do. She loves acting in plays we organise for Christmas or on other occasions in the kindergarten, having an extremely expressive mimics.

"She loves washing her hands, but I noticed she actually loves using the hand-drier afterwards. Being the oldest and biggest in her class, she shows motherly behaviour towards her two classmates, taking good care of them. She doesn't like to be scolded or ticked off.

"It is a pleasure working with Bianca. Her mother comes every two weeks to take her home for the weekend (Bianca is a boarded in the kindergarten), but she calls me everyday, inquiring about her health and progress. I work very well with Bianca – she never refuses an activity and she absorbs everything like a sponge."

First published: Friday 7 June 2013
Last updated: Wednesday 20 September 2017