Finding Grace

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Finding Grace appeal.

Grace in her classroom

The money provided will help screen infants in Kenya and Uganda for sight and hearing impairments, ensuring children with deafblindness receive the support they need in the crucial early years of development.

We will keep you updated on exactly how the money is spent and the individuals we are able to help.

January 2017 – the screening programme has begun in Kenya and Uganda

About the Finding Grace appeal

In East Africa, children with deafblindness face huge challenges. Many are hidden from the world as parents struggle to communicate with their children, not knowing what is wrong with them or how they feel.

Our experience tells us the earlier these children are identified, the better their long-term development opportunities will be.

If newborns are not screened for visual and hearing impairments, they would not receive the appropriate support in the crucial early years of development. Without this support, children and adults with deafblindness might face major challenges with communication, mobility and forming social relationships.

Early intervention

Seven-year-old Charles smiling with a rag doll on his headThe Finding Grace campaign raised funds for early intervention and screening services to be run in Kenya and Uganda for the first time. Through this programme, we're aiming to screen 300,000 children at services at Mbagathi Hospital in Kenya and Entebbe hospital in Uganda.

Each hospital will have dedicated early intervention units, including assessment and therapy areas, a counselling area and a fully equipped sensory room to stimulate the child’s residual hearing and vision.

We estimate that 360 infants and babies will receive early intervention services for multi-sensory impairments, 720 parents will be supported through the programme with 294 hospital and health centre staff trained and 610 village health team volunteers trained.

Five-year-old Logose smilingThousands of children born with sensory impairments in Kenya and Uganda will be supported to achieve improved health, mobility, communication, speech and language. Assistive devices such as hearing aids, orthotics and sensory stimulation toys and equipment will also be provided as required.

From our work in Romania and India, we know early screening will pick up all forms of hearing impairments, and visual testing in the first few weeks of life are effective in capturing the vast majority of visual impairments.

Meet the children featured in the campaign

Grace | Magdaline | Charles | Logose | Akram | Nakigudde | Amina | Simon |

UK Aid Match

UK Aid Match was set up by the UK government's Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) to give a boost to public support for charities working in the developing world. It doubles public donations to appeals run by British international development charities, in recognition of both the public’s generosity and the wide range of causes they support. Visit UK Aid Match website for more information.

First published: Monday 11 May 2015
Last updated: Monday 7 September 2020