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Sense International review 2017/18

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2017/18 has been another challenging and inspiring year for Sense International. Many of our programmes have consolidated their track record of offering life-changing support to people with deafblindness; others started exciting, new initiatives which are bringing fresh opportunities to new groups of people.

To give just a few examples:

  • The first-ever screening and early intervention programmes in Kenya and Uganda – which identify infants with a dualsensory impairment and offer them vital early therapy and sensory stimulation – checked more children than ever (24,927) and a new programme began in Tanzania.
  • Our work to realise every child’s right to an education moved forward, with programmes to support parents with homebased learning and the inclusion of learners with deafblindness in mainstream classrooms.
  • An exchange between India and Bangladesh inspired young people with deafblindness and government officials to ‘think big’ about livelihood skills training and employment opportunities.
  • This year, alongside our other fundraising activities, we ran the ‘My turn to learn’ appeal to support children and young people in Bangladesh with inclusive education and opportunities to work. Thanks to our generous supporters we raised over half a million pounds including a £216k UK Aid Match contribution from the UK government.

Sense International can only do its vital work thanks to the generosity of our supporters, our amazing staff and our partner organisations, who all work tirelessly in support of people with deafblindness.

Download the Sense International Annual Review 2017/18 (PDF)

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First published: Tuesday 20 January 2015
Last updated: Wednesday 2 January 2019