People's stories

Through these revealing stories, discover how our work has helped some deafblind children and adults around the world lead better and fuller lives.

  • Isaya's story

    Isaya's story

    8 June 2017

    Isaya (Isaiah) Blass lives with his mother Freeda and brother Denis, who is 14 years old. As Isaya grew up, his mother thought she would never be...

  • Lina’s story

    Lina’s story

    Lina, five from the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, was born with both visual and hearing impairments.

  • Chausika's story

    Chausika's story

    Chausika had a tough start to life – the fifth of seven children – and there was a lot of competition for attention.

First published: Friday 7 June 2013
Last updated: Wednesday 20 September 2017