People's stories

Through these revealing stories, discover how our work has helped some deafblind children and adults around the world lead better and fuller lives.

  • Lenni’s Story

    Lenni’s Story

    27 October 2020

    Lenni is a 22-year-old with visual and hearing impairments. He has been taking part in virtual workshops during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Angel’s Journey from Home to an Inclusive Classroom

    Angel’s Journey from Home to an Inclusive Classroom

    1 October 2020

    Nine-year-old Angel was born with Cerebral Palsy and asphyxia. Her muscles are weak, making it difficult for her to hold objects and stand.

  • The devastating ripple effects of the COVID-19 crisis on families in Bangladesh

    28 July 2020

    Muid is a 16-year old young person from Bangladesh who has a physical disability and deafblindness. Thanks to a project funded by UK Aid Match,...

  • Bravin’s story

    Bravin’s story

    28 January 2020

    Bravin was born blind with complex needs. In parts of Kenya, a culture of discrimination has led to pressure on families to give up their children...

  • Magdaline's story

    Magdaline's story

    Seven-year-old Magdaline, Maggy to her family, was born deafblind after her mother, Pamela contracted rubella during pregnancy. She lives in the...

  • Rimu's story

    Rimu's story

    Rimu is a three-year-old girl with deafblindness girl. She lives with her family in Bogra, Bangladesh.

  • Hasifa's story

    Hasifa's story

    Being among the first of the deafblind pupils who were enrolled at St Mark's unit for the deafblind in 2009, Hasifa's hardworking personality has...

  • Lunelis's story

    Lunelis's story

    Sense International (Peru) is turning around the life of six-year-old Lunelis from Lima. Born into economic hardship, the future for multi-sensory...

First published: Friday 7 June 2013
Last updated: Wednesday 20 September 2017